OpenREM version history

Released 30th August 2016

Version 0.7.3

  • #426 Charts: added css so that wide chart data tables are displayed above the filter form div
  • #425 Exports: fixed error with non-ASCII characters being exported to csv
  • #424 Charts: fixed error where png or svg export of chart would show incorrect x-axis labels
  • #423 Charts: fixed error where some chart plotting options were not updated after being changed by the user
  • #422 Charts: added a button below each chart to toggle the display of the data table
  • #421 Charts: fixed error where only some scatter plot data was being exported to csv or xls files
  • #420 Charts: fixed error where frequency pie charts were only showing data from the first system
  • #419 Interface: fixed error where "Cancel" was ignored when deleting study in Firefox browser
  • #418 Exports: fixed error when exporting fluoroscopy study with missing xray_filter_material
  • #416 Charts: improved efficiency of JavaScript
  • #415 Database: migration for 0.6 upgraded installs to fix acquisition_device_type failures
  • #413 Documentation: removed erroneous reference to store queue in stop celery command
  • #410 Charts: fixed display of bar charts containing only one data point
  • #408 Charts: Increased number of items that can be shown on some Highcharts plots
  • #407 Fixed issue where skin dose map data was not being calculated on import
  • #406 Replaced Math.log10 JavaScript function with alternative function to fix IE11 skin dose map error
  • #405 Altered multi-line cell links in filtered pages so they work with IE8
Code compare 0.7.1 to 0.7.3
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Release notes
Headline changes
• Database: New migration file for upgrades from 0.6 series databases
• Charts: Fixed display and export errors, improved layout and increased the number of data points that can be plotted
• Interface: Fixed multi-line cells in tables so that the links work in IE8
• Interface: Fixed delete cancel button in firefox
• Exports: Fixed export of non-ASCII characters to csv file

Released 10th June 2016

Version 0.7.1

  • #403 Now deals with PersonName fields with latin-1 extended characters correctly
  • #402 Skin dose map data pickle files saved using gzip compression to save space
  • #401 Updated skin dose map documentation to say it won't be in this release
  • #400 Strings are encoded as UTF-8 before being hashed to prevent errors with non-ASCII characters
  • #399 Migration file brought up to date for 0.6 to 0.7 upgrades
  • #398 Skin exposure maps are now stored in folders (feature postponed for future release)
  • #397 Skin exposure maps no longer available until orientation errors are fixed
  • #396 Charts: zooming on bar charts of average value vs. category now works
  • #395 Docs: offline Windows install instructions created, plus offline upgrade instructions
  • #394 Charts: made charts resize to fit containing div when browser is resized
  • #392 Charts: normalised histogram tooltip now correctly reports frequency
  • #391 Basic troubleshooting is now documented
  • #390 Charts: mammography and fluoroscopy charts added
  • #389 Charts: series without a name are now plotted under the name of Blank rather than not being plotted at all
  • #387 Added laterality to mammography exports
  • #385 Fixed issue with non-ASCII letters in RDSR sequence TextValue fields
  • #384 Fluoro exports for OpenSkin only consider copper filters now
  • #383 Refreshed to django 1.8 including updating template settings and TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS
  • #380 Tube current now extracted from Siemens Intevo RDSR despite non-conformance
  • #379 Exposure time now populated for fluoro if not supplied by RDSR
  • #378 The display name of multiple systems can now be updated together using a single new name
  • #376 Corrected an ill-advised model change
  • #374 CTDIw phantom size now displayed in CT detail view
  • #373 Charts in some releases used GT rather than greater than or equal to for start date, now fixed
  • #372 Mammography studies now record an accumulated AGD per breast. Existing joint accumulated AGD values won't be changed. Ordering by Accumulated AGD now creates an entry per accumulated AGD, one per breast
  • #371 Mammo RDSR generates average mA where not recorded, mammo image populates mA
  • #370 Added study description to mammography export
  • #369 Bi-plane fluoroscopy studies now export correctly
  • #368 Mammo RDSR now imports correctly
  • #365 Tube filtration is now displayed in the RF detail view
  • #364 Philips Allura fluorscopy RDSRs now import correctly
  • #362 Display of RF where bi-plane RDSRs have been imported no longer crash the interface
  • #360 Charts: saving data from average data charts as csv or xls now includes frequency values
  • #359 Added missing 'y' to query retrieve command line help
  • #358 Charts: chart sorting links and instructions now hidden when viewing histograms
  • #357 Charts: button to return from histogram now displays the name of the main chart
  • #356 Charts: histogram normalise button appears for all appropriate charts
  • #355 Charts: sorting now works as expected for plots with a series per system
  • #352 Fixed CT xlsx exports that had complete study data in each series protocol sheet (from earlier beta)
  • #351 Charts: simplified chart JavaScript and Python code
  • #350 DICOM networking documented for use with 3rd party store and advanced use with native
  • #348 Study delete confirmation page now displays total DAP for DX or CR radiographic studies
  • #346 Charts: exporting a chart as an image no longer requires an internet connection
  • #345 CSV size imports in cm are now stored as m in the database. Interface display of size corrected.
  • #343 Charts: user can now specify number of histogram bins in the range of 2 to 40
  • #342 Charts: improved the colours used for plotting chart data
  • #340 Fixed store failure to save due to illegal values in Philips private tags, improved exception code
  • #339 Improved extraction of requested procedure information for radiographic studies
  • #338 Fix Kodak illegally using comma in filter thickness values
  • #335 DICOM Store keep_alive and echo_scu functions now log correctly
  • #334 Fixed issue with tasks needing to be explicitly named
  • #333 Fixed StoreSCP not starting in beta 11 error
  • #332 Charts: some charts can now be plotted with a series per x-ray system
  • #331 Keep_alive tasks are now discarded if not executed, so don't pile up
  • #329 All existing logging is now done via the same log files
  • #328 Store SCP no longer uses Celery tasks
  • #327 Celery workers now only take one task at a time
  • #325 Charts: switching charts off now leaves the user on the same page, rather than going to the home page
  • #324 Charts: forced chart tooltip background to be opaque to make reading the text easier
  • #320 The week now begins on Monday rather than Sunday on date form fields
  • #316 Query retrieve function can now exclude and include based on strings entered
  • #315 Charts: made size of exported chart graphics follow the browser window size
  • #314 One version number declaration now used for distribute, docs and interface
  • #313 Replaced non-working function with code to extract SeriesDescription etc in query response message
  • #312 Display names are now grouped by modality
  • #311 Queries are deleted from database after a successful C-Move
  • #310 Series level QR feedback now presented. Any further would require improvements in pynetdicom
  • #309 StoreSCP now deals safely with incoming files with additional transfer syntax tag
  • #308 Secondary capture images that don't have the manufacturer field no longer crash the StoreSCP function
  • #306 Charts: added a button to each chart to toggle full-screen display
  • #305 Added links to documentation throughout the web interface
  • #304 Date of birth is now included in all exports that have either patient name or ID included
  • #303 Fixed a typo in 0.6.0 documents relating to the storescp command
  • #302 Improved handling of Philips Dose Info objects when series information sequence has UN value representation
  • #301 Charts: fixed bug that could stop average kVp and mAs radiographic plots from working
  • #300 Calling AE Title for Query Retrieve SCU is now configured not hardcoded
  • #299 Hash of MultiValued DICOM elements now works
  • #298 Added ordering by accumulated AGD for mammographic studies
  • #297 Fixed ordering by Total DAP for radiographic studies
  • #296 StoreSCP now logs an error message and continues if incoming file has problems
  • #295 Charts: fixed bug that arose on non-PostgreSQL databases
  • #294 Harmonised time display between filter list and detail view, both to HH:mm
  • #292 Added keep-alive and auto-start to DICOM stores
  • #291 Charts: fixed issue with CTDI and DLP not showing correct drilldown data
  • #290 Added new tables and fields to migration file, uses #288 and median code from #241
  • #289 Crispy forms added into the requires file
  • #288 Added device name hashes to migration file
  • #286 Increased granularity of permission groups
  • #285 Tidied up Options and Admin menus
  • #284 Fixed DICOM Query that looped if SCP respected ModalitiesInStudy
  • #282 Missing javascript file required for IE8 and below added
  • #281 Added check to import function to prevent extract failure
  • #280 Fixed typo in mammography export
  • #279 Charts: Fixed issue with median CTDI series from appearing
  • #278 Charts: Fixed javascript namespace pollution that caused links to fail
  • #277 Overhaul of acquisition level filters to get tooltip generated filters to follow through to export
  • #276 Unique fields cannot have unlimited length in MySQL - replaced with hash
  • #274 Charts: Fixed legend display issue
  • #273 Charts: Added plots of average kVp and mAs over time for DX
  • #272 Tweak to display of exam description for DX
  • #271 Fixed DX import failure where AcquisitionDate or AcquisitionTime are None
  • #270 Django 1.8 Admin site has a 'view site' link. Pointed it back to OpenREM
  • #268 Improved population of procedure_code_meaning for DX imports
  • #266 DICOM C-Store script added back in - largely redundant with web interface
  • #265 DICOM Store and Query Retrieve services documented
  • #263 Settings for keeping or deleting files once processed moved to database and web interface
  • #262 Dealt with issue where two exposures from the same study would race on import
  • #260 Fixed issue where import and export jobs would get stuck behind StoreSCP task in queue
  • #259 Link to manage users added to Admin menu
  • #258 Fixed DX import error where manufacturer or model name was not provided
  • #257 Documentation update
  • #256 Fixed errors with non-ASCII characters in imports and query-retrieve
  • #255 Charts: Small y-axis values on histograms are more visible when viewing full-screen
  • #254 Charts: Simplified chart data processing in the templates
  • #253 Charts: AJAX used to make pages responsive with large datasets when charts enabled
  • #252 Fixed duplicate entries in DX filtered data for studies with multiple exposures
  • #248 Charts: can now be ordered by frequency or alphabetically
  • #247 Fixed incorrect reference to manufacturer_model_name
  • #246 Charts: Added median data for PostgreSQL users
  • #245 Fixed error in csv DX export
  • #244 Fixed issue where scripts wouldn't function after upgrade to Django 1.8
  • #243 Added distance related data to DX exports
  • #242 Distance source to patient now extracted from DX images
  • #241 Charts: Median values can be plotted for PostgreSQL users
  • #240 Charts: Improved DAP over time calculations
  • #239 Configurable equipment names to fix multiple sources with the same station name
  • #237 Charts: Tidied up plot data calculations in
  • #235 Added patient sex to each of the exports
  • #234 Charts: Fixed error with datetime combine
  • #232 Charts: on or off displayed on the home page
  • #231 Charts: made links from requested procedure frequency plot respect the other filters
  • #230 Fixed error in OperatorsName field in DICOM extraction
  • #229 Charts: Added chart of DLP per requested procedure
  • #223 Charts: speed improvement for weekday charts
  • #217 Charts: Further code optimisation to speed up calculation time
  • #207 DICOM QR SCU now available from web interface
  • #206 DICOM Store SCP configuration now available from web interface
  • #183 Added options to store patient name and ID, and options to hash name, ID and accession number
  • #171 Root URL now resolves so /openrem is not necessary
  • #151 Suspected non-patient studies can now be filtered out
  • #135 GE Senographe DS now correctly records compression force in Newtons for new imports
  • #120 Improved testing of data existing for exports
  • #118 Upgraded to Django 1.8
  • #70 User is returned to the filtered view after deleting a study
  • #61 Skin dose maps for fluoroscopy systems can now be calculated and displayed
Code compare 0.6.2 to 0.7.1
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Release notes
Headline changes
• Django upgraded to version 1.8
• Median function added to the database if using PostgreSQL
• New user-defined display name for each unique system so that rooms with the same DICOM station name are displayed separately
• Patient name and ID can optionally be stored in system, available for searching and export, but not displayed
• Patient name, ID and accession number can be stored as a one-way hash, and remain searchable
• Permission system has become more granular
• System can now accept non-ASCII characters in protocol names etc
• Menus have been tidied up
• Settings file has been updated
Charts and interface
• Bar chart data points sorted by frequency, value or name in ascending or descending order
• CT chart of DLP per requested procedure type
• CT chart of requested procedure frequency
• CT chart of CTDIvol per study description
• Chart data returned using AJAX to make pages more responsive
• Chart plotting options available via Config menu
• Charts can now be made full-screen
• CTDIw phantom size is displayed with the CTDIvol measurement on the CT study detail page
• Charts show a series called “Blank” when the series name is None
• Queries for chart data now faster in most situations
• Histograms can be disabled or enabled for bar charts
• User-specified number of histogram bins from 2 to 40
• Mammography chart of average glandular dose vs. compressed thickness
• Mammography chart showing the number of studies carried out per weekday
• Fluoroscopy chart of average DAP for each study description
• Fluoroscopy chart of the frequency of each study description
• Fluoroscopy chart showing the number of studies carried out per weekday
• Context specific documentation has been added to the Docs menu
DICOM Networking
• Query retrieve function is now built in to query PACS systems or modalities via the Import menu
• Configuring and running DICOM Store SCP is available and managed in the web interface, but not recommended
• Documentation improved
• Mammography RDSRs import correctly
• Mammography imports from images now create an accumulated AGD value per breast
• GE Senographe DS compression now recorded correctly in Newtons for new imports
• Philips Allura fluoroscopy RDSRs import correctly, including calculating the exposure time
• Bi-plane fluoroscopy imports can now be displayed in the web interface
• Patient height imports from csv now convert from cm to m - previously height was assumed to be cm and inserted into • database without change. Existing height data will remain as cm value for csv imports, and m value for RDSR imports
• Better handling of non-ASCII characters
• Tube current is now extracted from Siemens Intevo RDSRs
• Patient sex is included in all exports
• Filters generated by navigating through charts can now be used to filter export data
• Study description and laterality are now included in mammography exports
• Bi-plane fluoroscopy studies can be exported
Skin dose maps
• Skin dose maps have been withdrawn from OpenREM version 0.7.0 due to incorrect orientation calculations that need to be fixed before openSkin can be reimplemented into OpenREM

Released 27th January 2016

Version 0.6.2

  • #341 Updated link to openSkin in
  • #347 Django-filter v0.12 has minimum Django version of 1.8, fixed OpenREM 0.6.2 to max django-filter 0.11
Code compare 0.6.1 to 0.6.2
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Release notes
Headline changes
• Minor update due prevent new installs from installing a non-compatible version of django-filter
• There is no advantage to updating to this version over 0.6.0

Released 30th October 2015

Version 0.6.1

  • #303 Corrected name of Store SCP command in docs
Code compare 0.6.0 to 0.6.1
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Documentation update only

Released 14th May 2015

Version 0.6.0

  • #227 Fixed import of RDSRs from Toshiba Cath Labs
  • #226 Charts: Updated Highcharts code and partially fixed issues with CTDIvol and DLP combined chart
  • #225 Charts: Added link from mAs and kVp histograms to associated data
  • #224 Charts: Added link from CTDIvol histograms to associated data
  • #221 Charts: Fixed issue where filters at acquisition event level were not adequately restricting the chart data
  • #219 Charts: Fixed issue where some charts showed data beyond the current filter
  • #217 Charts: Code optimised to speed up calculation time
  • #216 Fixed typo that prevented import of RSDR when DICOM store settings not present
  • #215 Charts: Fixed x-axis labels for mean dose over time charts
  • #214 Charts: Improved consistency of axis labels
  • #213 Fixed admin menu not working
  • #212 Charts: Created off-switch for charts
  • #210 OpenSkin exports documented
  • #209 Charts: Fixed server error when CT plots switched off and filter form submited
  • #208 Charts: Fixed blank chart plotting options when clicking on histogram tooltip link
  • #205 Charts: Fixed issue of histogram tooltip links to data not working
  • #204 Charts: Fixed issue of not being able to export with the charts features added
  • #203 Charts: Fixed display of HTML in plots issue
  • #202 Charts: Added mean CTDIvol to charts
  • #200 Charts: Now exclude Philips Ingenuity SPRs from plots
  • #196 Added comments and entrance exposure data to DX export
  • #195 Fixed error with no users on fresh install
  • #194 Added more robust extraction of series description from DX
  • #193 Charts: Fixed reset of filters when moving between pages
  • #192 Created RF export for OpenSkin
  • #191 Charts: Factored out the javascript from the filtered.html files
  • #190 Charts: Added time period configuration to dose over time plots
  • #189 Charts: Fixed plotting of mean doses over time when frequency not plotted
  • #187 Charts: Merged the charts work into the main develop branch
  • #186 Fixed duplicate data in DX exports
  • #179 Charts: Added kVp and mAs plots for DX
  • #177 Charts: Fixed issue with date ranges for DX mean dose over time charts
  • #176 Charts: Added link to filtered dataset from mean dose over time charts
  • #175 Charts: Allowed configuration of the time period for mean dose trend charts to improve performance
  • #174 Charts: Fixed number of decimal places for mean DLP values
  • #173 Charts: Fixed plot of mean DLP over time y-axis issue
  • #170 Charts: Added plot of mean dose over time
  • #169 Charts: Improved chart colours
  • #157 Charts: Added chart showing number of studies per day of the week, then hour in the day
  • #156 Charts: Fixed issue with some protocols not being displayed
  • #155 Charts: Added chart showing relative frequency of protocols and study types
  • #140 Charts: Added configuration options
  • #139 Charts: Link to filtered dataset from histogram chart
  • #138 Charts: Number of datapoints displayed on tooltip
  • #135 Mammography compression force now only divides by 10 if model contains senograph ds Change in behaviour
  • #133 Documented installation of NumPy, initially for charts
  • #41 Preview of DICOM Store SCP now available
  • #20 Modality sections are now suppressed until populated
Code compare 0.5.1 to 0.6.0
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Release notes
Headline changes
• Charts
• Preview of DICOM Store SCP functionality
• Exports available to import into OpenSkin
• Modalities with no data are hidden in the user interface
• Mammography import compression force behaviour changed
• Import of Toshiba planar RDSRs fixed

Released 12th March 2015

Version 0.5.1

  • #184 Documentation for 0.5.1
  • #180 Rename all reverse lookups as a result of #62
  • #172 Revert all changes made to database so #62 could take place first
  • #165 Extract height and weight from DX, height from RDSR, all if available
  • #161 Views and exports now look for accumulated data in the right table after changes in #159 and #160
  • #160 Created the data migration to move all the DX accumulated data from TID 10004 to TID 10007
  • #159 Modified the DX import to populate TID 10007 rather than TID 10004. RDSR RF already populates both
  • #158 Demo website created by DJ Platten:
  • #154 Various decimal fields are defined with too few decimal places - all have now been extended.
  • #153 Changed home page and modality pages to have whole row clickable and highlighted
  • #150 DJ Platten has added Conquest configuration information
  • #137 Carestream DX multiple filter thickness values in a DS VR now extracted correctly
  • #113 Fixed and improved recording of grid information for mammo and DX and RDSR import routines
  • #62 Refactored all model names to be less than 39 characters and be in CamelCase to allow database migrations and to come into line with PEP 8 naming conventions for classes.
Code compare 0.5.0 to 0.5.1
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Release notes
Headline changes
• Major database modification to remove table name length errors
• Extended the field value lengths to better incorporate all possible values and decimal places
• Improved import of grid and filter information from DX images
• Improved DX summary and detail web pages
• Any item in a row can now be clicked to move between the home and filtered pages

Released 19th November 2014

Version 0.5.0

  • Pull request from DJ Platten: Improved display of DX data and improved export of DX data
  • #132 Fixed mammo export error that slipped in before the first beta
  • #130 Only creates ExposureInuAs from Exposure if Exposure exists now
  • #128 Updated some non-core documentation that didn't have the new reference or the new openremproject folder name
  • #127 DX IOD studies with image view populated failed to export due to lack of conversion to string
  • #126 Documentation created for the radiographic functionality
  • #125 Fixes issue where Hologic tomo projection objects were dropped as they have the same event time as the 2D element
  • #123 Fixed issue where filters came through on export as lists rather than strings on some installs
  • #122 Exports of RF data should now be more useful when exporting to xlsx. Will need refinement in the future
  • #26 Extractors created for radiographic DICOM images. Contributed by DJ Platten
  • #25 Views and templates added for radiographic exposures - either from RDSRs or from images - see #26. Contributed by DJ Platten
  • #9 Import of *.dcm should now be available from Windows and Linux alike
Code compare 0.4.3 to 0.5.0
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Release notes
Headline changes
• Import, display and export of CR/DX data from image headers
• Export of study data from fluoroscopy to xlsx files
• Importing data from Windows using *.dcm style wildcards
• Hologic tomography projection images are no longer excluded if part of a Combo exposure

Released 1st October 2014

Version 0.4.3

  • #119 Fixed issue where Celery didn't work on Windows. Django project folder is now called openremproject instead of openrem
  • #117 Added Windows line endings to patient size import logs
  • #113 Fixed units spelling error in patient size import logs
  • #112 File system errors during imports and exports are now handled properly with tasks listed in error states on the summary pages
  • #111 Added abort function to patient size imports and study exports
  • #110 Converted exports to use the FileField handling for storage and access, plus modified folder structure.
  • #109 Added example MEDIA_ROOT path for Windows to the install docs
  • #108 Documented ownership issues between the webserver and Celery
  • #107 Documented process for upgrading to 0.4.2 before 0.4.3 for versions 0.3.9 or earlier
  • #106 Added the duration of export time to the exports table. Also added template formatting tag to convert seconds to natural time
  • #105 Fixed bug in Philips CT import where decimal.Decimal was not imported before being used in the age calculation
  • #104 Added documentation for the additional study export functions as a result of using Celery tasks in task #19 as well as documentation for the code
  • #103 Added documentation for using the web import of patient size information as well as the new code
  • #102 Improved handling of attempts to process patient size files that have been deleted for when users go back in the browser after the process is finished
  • #101 Set the security of the new patient size imports to prevent users below admin level from using it
  • #100 Logging information for patient size imports was being written to the database - changed to write to file
  • #99 Method for importing remapp from scripts and for setting the DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE made more robust so that it should work out of the box on Windows, debian derivatives and virtualenvs
  • #98 Versions 0.4.0 to 0.4.2 had a file to avoid overwriting settings files on upgrades; renaming this file was missing from the installation documentation for new installs
  • #97 Changed the name of the export views file from ajaxviews as ajax wasn't used in the end
  • #96 Changed mammo and fluoro filters to use named fields to avoid needing to use the full database path
  • #93 Set the security of the new exports to prevent users below export level from creating or downloading exports
  • #92 Add NHSBSP specific mammography csv export from Jonathan Cole - with Celery
  • #91 Added documentation for Celery and RabbitMQ
  • #90 Added delete function for exports
  • #89 Added the Exports navigation item to all templates, limited to export or admin users
  • #88 Converted fluoroscopy objects to using the Celery task manager after starting with CT for #19
  • #87 Converted mammography objects to using the Celery task manager after starting with CT for #19
  • #86 Digital Breast Tomosynthesis systems have a projections object that for Hologic contains required dosimetry information
  • #85 Fix for bug introduced in #75 where adaption of ptsize import for procedure import broke ptsize imports
  • #74 'Time since last study' is now correct when daylight saving time kicks in
  • #39 Debug mode now defaults to False
  • #21 Height and weight data can now be imported through forms in the web interface
  • #19 Exports are now sent to a task manager instead of locking up the web interface
Reopened issue
  • #9 Issue tracking import using *.dcm style wildcards reopened as Windows cmd.exe shell doesn't do wildcard expansion, so this will need to be handled by OpenREM in a future version
Code compare 0.4.2 to 0.4.3
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Release notes
Headline changes
• Export of study information is now handled by a task queue - no more export time-outs.
• Patient size information in csv files can now be uploaded and imported via a web interface.
• Proprietary projection image object created by Hologic tomography units can now be interrogated for details of the tomosynthesis exam.
• now ships with its proper name, this will overwrite important local settings if upgrade is from 0.3.9 or earlier.
• Time since last study is no longer wrong just because of daylight saving time!
• Django release set to 1.6; OpenREM isn’t ready for Django 1.7 yet
• The inner openrem Django project folder is now called openremproject to avoid import conflicts with Celery on Windows
• DEBUG mode now defaults to False

Released 15th April 2014

Version 0.4.2

  • #83 Fix for bug introduced in #73 that prevents the import scripts from working. Fixed.
Code compare 0.4.1 to 0.4.2
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Release notes
Headline changes
• This release fixes a major bug introduced in 0.4.0 regarding the import scripts.

Released 15th April 2014

Version 0.4.1

  • #82 Added instructions for adding users to the release notes
Code compare 0.4.0 to 0.4.1
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Release notes
Headline changes
• This release is exacly the same as 0.4.1 bar some documentation corrections

Released 15th April 2014

Version 0.4.0


  • #80 Added docs for installing Apache with auto-start on Windows Server 2012. Contributed by JA Cole
  • #79 Updated README.rst instructions
  • #78 Moved upgrade documentation into the release notes page
  • #77 Removed docs builds from repository
  • #76 Fixed crash if exporting from development environment
  • #75 Fixed bug where requested procedure wasn't being captured on one modality
  • #73 Made launch scripts and ptsizecsv2db more robust
  • #72 Moved the secret key into the local documentation and added instructions to change it to release notes and install instructions
  • #71 Added information about configuring users to the install documentation
  • #69 Added documentation about the new delete study function
  • #68 Now checks sequence code meaning and value exists before assigning them. Thanks to JA Cole
  • #67 Added 'Contributing authors' section of documentation
  • #66 Added 'Release notes' section of documentation, incuding this file
  • #65 Added new file for database settings and other local settings
  • #64 Fixed imports failing due to non-conforming strings that were too long
  • #63 The mammography import code stored the date of birth unnecessarily. Also now gets decimal_age from age field if necessary
  • #60 Removed extraneous colon from interface data field
  • #18 Studies can now be deleted from the web interface with the correct login
  • #16 Added user authentication with different levels of access
  • #9 Enable import of *.dcm
Code compare 0.3.9 to 0.4.0
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Release notes
Headline changes
• User authentication has been added
• Studies can be deleted from the web interface
• Import scripts can now be passed a list of files, eg python *.dcm
• Date of birth no longer retained for mammography (bug fix - correct behaviour already existed for other imports)
• General bug fixes to enable import from wider range of sources
• Improved user documentation

Released 8th March 2014

Version 0.3.9


#51 includes changes to the database schema -- make sure South is in use before upgrading. See

  • #59 CSS stylesheet referenced particular fonts that are not in the distribution -- references removed
  • #58 Export to xlsx more robust - limitation of 31 characters for sheet names now enforced
  • #57 Modified the docs slightly to include notice to convert to South before upgrading
  • #56 Corrected the mammography target and filter options added for issue #44
  • #53 Dates can now be selected from a date picker widget for filtering studies
  • #52 Split the date field into two so either, both or neither can be specified
  • #51 Remove import modifications from issue #28 and #43 now that exports are filtered in a better way after #48 and #49 changes.
  • #50 No longer necessary to apply a filter before exporting -- docs changed to reflect this
  • #49 CSV exports changed to use the same filtering routine introduced for #48 to better handle missing attributes
  • #48 New feature -- can now filter by patient age. Improved export to xlsx to better handle missing attributes
  • #47 Install was failing on pydicom -- fixed upstream
Code compare 0.3.8 to 0.3.9
Read the docs
Headline changes

Released 5th March 2014

Version 0.3.8

  • -- File layout modified to conform to norms
  • #46 Updated documentation to reflect limited testing of mammo import on additional modalities
  • #45 was missing the licence header - fixed
  • #44 Added Tungsten, Silver and Aluminum to mammo target/filter strings to match -- thanks to DJ Platten for strings
  • #43 Mammography and Philips CT import and export now more robust for images with missing information such as accession number and collimated field size
  • #42 Documentation updated to reflect #37
  • #37 Studies now sort by time and date
Code compare 0.3.7 to 0.3.8
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Released 25th February 2014

Version 0.3.7

  • #40 Restyled the filter section in the web interface and added a title to that section
  • #38 Column titles tidied up in Excel exports
  • #36 openrem_ptsizecsv output of log now depends on verbose flag
  • #35 Numbers no longer stored as text in Excel exports
Code compare 0.3.6 to 0.3.7
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Released 24th February 2014

Version 0.3.6

  • #34 Localised scripts that were on remote web servers in default Bootstrap code
  • #33 Documentation now exists for adding data via csv file
  • #24 Web interface has been upgraded to Bootstrap v3
  • #5 Web interface and export function now have some documentation with screenshots
Code compare 0.3.5-rc2 to 0.3.6
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Released 17th February 2014

Version 0.3.5-rc2

  • #32 Missing sys import bug prevented new patient size import from working
Code compare 0.3.5 to 0.3.5-rc2
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Released 17th February 2014

Version 0.3.5

  • -- Prettified this document!
  • #31 Promoted patient size import from csv function to the scripts folder so it will install and can be called from the path
  • #30 Improved patient size import from csv to allow for arbitary column titles and study instance UID in addition to accession number.
  • #29 Corrected the docs URL in the readme
Code compare 0.3.4-rc2 to 0.3.5
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Released 14th February 2014

Version 0.3.4-rc2

  • #28 XLSX export crashed if any of the filter fields were missing. Now fills on import with 'None'
  • #27 Use requested procedure description if requested procedure code description is missing
Code compare 0.3.4 to 0.3.4-rc2
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Headline changes

Released 14th February 2014

Version 0.3.4

  • -- General improvements and addition of logo to docs
  • #23 Added Windows XP MySQL backup guide to docs
  • #22 Added running Conquest as a Windows XP service to docs
  • #15 Added version number and copyright information to xlsx exports
  • #14 Added version number to the web interface
  • #13 Improve the docs with respect to South database migrations
Code compare 0.3.3-r2 to 0.3.4
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Released 4th February 2014

Version 0.3.3-r2

Code compare 0.3.3 to 0.3.3-r2
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Released 1st February 2014

Version 0.3.3


Installs of OpenREM earlier than 0.3.3 will break on upgrade if the scripts are called from other programs. For example openrem_rdsr is now called

  • -- Added warning of upgrade breaking existing installs to docs
  • #10 Added .py suffix to the scripts to allow them to be executed on Windows (thanks to DJ Platten)
  • #8 Removed superfluous '/' in base html file, harmless on linux, prevented Windows loading stylesheets (thanks to DJ Platten)
  • #7 Added windows and linux path examples for test SQLite database creation
  • #6 Corrected renaming of example files installation instruction (thanks to DJ Platten)
  • #4 Added some text to the documentation relating to importing files to OpenREM
  • #3 Corrected copyright notice in documentation
Code compare 0.3.2 to 0.3.3
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Released 29th January 2014

Version 0.3.2

  • Initial version uploaded to
Initial commit
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